2018/04/24 – Sadiki – Blue Montain Acoustic – (to be released next 1st of June) – Skinny Bwoy Records

This is music for the soul. It is reggae, it’s rootsy, it is pop, it is a little country, it is music for those in love with music. In keeping with Sadiki’s vast catalogue of Lovers Rock, the album’s primary topic is love and relationships. There are also Reality/Culture tracks that speaks to the upliftment of people. It shows an artist focused on his craft as he takes each listener on a 14 step journey to the peak of his creativity. The album kicks off with the clever ‘Tracy (Interlude)’ which is an intro for the Sadiki penned ‘Anything (Acoustic)’ – a heartfelt and harmonious song about lost love. Next up is the soothing first single, ‘I Want To Wake Up with You (Acoustic)’ – a cover of a song made famous by Boris Gardiner, which has been in strong rotation on UK, Canadian, US and Japan radio programs. Guitarist Mitchum ‘Khan’ Chin (Bruno Mars), provides a rich, country-esque guitar backing track that could have easily been recorded in Nashville, TN as opposed to Kingston Jamaica. Slick double entendre laced lyrics such as “girl what you’ve got in your candy, making me stay up stay all night, addicted to your sweet bliss I can’t deny…”, heighten the sensual theme on the smooth and catchy ‘Love Mood (Acoustic)’.
Sadiki puts a rootsy reggae spin on The Beatles classic ‘Yesterday’ before delving into another cover, this time a Peter Tosh original, ‘Pick Myself Up (Acoustic)’. It features guitar from Michael Fletcher and bass from George ‘Fully’ Fullwood. Fullwood, who toured and recorded with Peter Tosh as part of Word, Sound & Power band said, “I think Peter would have loved this version of ‘Pick Myself Up’. The arrangement is very interesting, he would love that”. The acoustic-dancehall flavored ‘Love In Your Eyes (Acoustic)’, the inspirational and uplifting ‘Unite (Acoustic)’, the heartbreak ballad ‘Let it Go (Acoustic)’, the rootsy English & Swahili verses on ‘Virtuous Sister (Acoustic)’ (feat. Jahmby), all take you on a soulful musical journey before spreading a red, green, gold and blue blanket and allowing rest and peace with the delicate ‘Everything I Own (Acoustic)’ - another brilliant cover backed by guitarist Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith and ending with the uplifting “Shine” on one of 2018’s biggest riddims “Lion Pride Riddim”. Every step on Sadiki’s “Blue Mountain Acoustic” journey, offers a breathtaking view of a lush Jamaican musical landscape. “My first exposure to acoustic music was as a young youth, when my father would compose songs using his guitar.” said Sadiki. “I find it ironic that even though acoustic music is ‘unplugged’, the performances are focused resulting in an amplified and much more impactful sound”. "It’s a unique album even down to the way it was mastered. I wanted listeners to get the effect of listening to a vinyl record. Once you take a listen it becomes clear”, said Sadiki.

01. Tracy *
02. Anything
03. I Want to Wake up With You **
04. Love Mood **
05. Yesterday **
06. 14th Street *
07. Pick Myself Up **
08. Love In Your Eyes **
09. Unite **
10. Let It Go **
11. Blue Mountain Woman *
12. Virtuous Sister **
13. Everything I Own **
* Interlude