2018/09/19 – Dj Vadim – Dubcatcher 3 - Soulbeats Records / IWelcom

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Pioneer of electro hacking, prophet of abstract hip-hop, Vadim the soviet and his kamarads have only two hands, but it is not stupid to think that they have three or more!
On stage, his music gets closer to a live performance thanks to turntablism, the art born of hip-hop where platinum is treated more like an instrument in itself than as a simple way to generate loops, a sort of modern soul with true Russian taste. Boss of the Jazz Fudge label, Dj Vadim remains faithful to Ninja Tune, the important structure created by the Cold Cut group.
Today, his music takes more and more body, around the voices he invites, the mixture Vadim is anything but a predictable recipe. Urban and experimental Vadim's hip hop mixes tablas, djembas, Japanese flutes, Brazilian guitars, spoken word, with obscure scratch sounds melted in brief jungle appearances for an unexpected and special result.
A third volume of his series DUBCATCHER to be released on 21.09 in which Dj Vadim is even more precise, more experimental (perhaps?) And offers us the opportunity to discover as usual new vocal talents!

01 - Dead To Us Ft Mr Lexx
02 - Nuff Years Ft Ras Demo
03 - Mi Gwarn Ft Claire Angel
04 - Yung N Powerfull Ft Bay C (TOK)
05 - Manipulators Ft Earl 16
06 - Party Hard Ft Claire Angel
07 - Flames Up Ft JMan, Navigator, Inja, Galak Spiritual & Sr Wilson
08 - Corrupted Ft Big Red, Sr Wilson & JMan
09 - Free Ya Mind Ft Red Fox & Chyna Soulstar
10 - Only Jah Knows Ft Ramon Judah & Parly B
11 - Raving Ft Tenor Youthman, Jago & Syros
12 - The Father Ft Ucee & Serocee
13 - Nah Bad boy Fe We Ft Jamalski
14 - No Hype Man Ft JMan & Killa P
15 - Talk To Me Propa Ft Suku (Ward21)
16 - Rude Boy Ft Lion D, Raphael & Syross
17 - Ta Tell You Ft Ras Demo
18 - Control You Ft Macka B