2018/10/08 – Tomawok – “Eek a Wok” EP – Baco Dist / Musical Impact

(apenas em inglês)
Frenchman Tomawok has been dedicated to Raggamuffin and Rub-A-Dub for years.
This "fast style" he puts in the current release "Eek A Wok" largely aside, which is certainly because he is based on the 12 inch strong on his role model Eek-A-Mouse. He also does not shy away from copying the signal style of the dancehall veteran. Is that allowed? Why not, bowing in reverence ?! This also applies to the melodies, especially in "Ganja City", "Pneumostory" and "Indian Squaw".
Sung almost throughout in French, with occasional English parts. The exception is the combination with Junior Cat on "Ever Ready", the best tune of this release, where his guest sings in English. And if you are interested in the "fast style" of Tomawok, listen to the remix of "King Kong".
A very good EP to ignites the dance hall.

1. Ganja City
2. Indian Squaw
3. Pneumostory
4. Ever Ready feat. Junior Cat
5. King Kong Remix
6. King Kong Riddim