2014/07/07 - 18 years since the first reggae radio show live & direct

Massive, we are completing today the 7th of July 2014, eighteen years since the first reggae radio show live & direct from Solar FM in Albufeira.

I consider that is extremely important to credit all the persons involved, that actually contributed for the start of this project back in 1996, specially Paulo King Selecta, Tozé Fontainhas, the champion Licínio Pereira and later on in 1998 Marcos Alves (computer brain.lol) for the construction of the 1st official reggae webpage from Portugal – www.reggaeportugal.com

Have been, like all the intervenients remembers, for many reasons, a project that wasn’t supposed to stay alive much time, BUT, due the BELIEVE of various international reggae labels / artists / bands, and in a few cases some portuguese musical distributors / artists / bands, the show that has started with the name of "Cantos da Ilha" between 1996/98, "Solar Reggae" between 1998/2005 and "Reggae Portugal" between 2007/2011 at Kiss FM Albufeira, returning in June 2011 to Solar FM, is still running after 18years and considered by the ones who are really into the subject - a quality radio show – a show that started e continue receiving physical / digital promotional music from the 4corners of the Earth to be aired from Portugal to the world.

On the next weeks i’m going to the archives, to bring back to the show the singles / albums / interviews / jingles / dubplates, unique moments that has and still marks the story of the show on the last 18years.

An HUMBLE thank you to all that since the day one and still does genuinly support the reggae radio show.

Reggae music is a mission, not a competition.

JAH BLESS you all.