2010/04/18 - Vivian Jones Interview

Jones has established a long and fruitful career as a reggae vocalist, having initially been regarded as a lovers rock performer. He emerged in the late 70s as the lead singer with the Doctor Birds, but by 1980 Jones was pursuing a solo career. ‘Good Morning’ topped the reggae chart and signalled the beginning of a run of hits for the singer. His popularity spread from the UK to Jamaica where his reputation continued to prosper. 

In 1988 he was acclaimed as the best reggae performer and won the award for four consecutive years. He released a series of reggae hits, including the chart-topping ‘Strong Love’, ‘Extra Classic’, ‘I Care’, ‘A Woman Should Be’ and ‘Sugar Love’. He also performed on duets with the élite of female UK reggae vocalists, including Sylvia Tella on ‘Nu Chat To Me’, Debbie Gordon for ‘Mr Right’ and Deborahe Glasgow on the acclaimed ‘The First’. By the mid-90s Jones had established his own Imperial House label, and he escaped his lovers rock image when in 1994 he released the rootsyIyaman, an approach that continued with The King. In 1994, ‘Happiness’ reaffirmed his status as one of the UK’s top lovers rock performers. In 1995 he recorded his debut for Fashion Records, ‘Dedicated To His Majesty’, which featured an outstanding performance from the contemporary DJ Nico Junior. On his own label he released ‘Love Is For Lovers’ and an album of the same name, and maintained a high profile throughout 1996/7 with a series of hits including ‘Let’s Go Again’ and ‘Very Thought Of You’. His international notoriety was enhanced when the US-based Wooligan label released ‘Jah See Dem A Come’, providing the singer with a Top 10 hit in reggae charts worldwide.