Prezident Brown "Strickly Conscious Songs"

Fitz Albert Cotterel, aka Prezident Brown was born in teh green hills of Clarendon, Jamaica. As "Junior Ranking", a name his mother gave him, he would grabthe mic and chant away at schoolyards and country dances As a teenager, he was known as "Slim Brown", a name given to him by Nicodemus because of his 

strong resemblance to and similar dee-jay style of his long time idol, U Brown. Like a father, brother, and close personal friend, U Brown is a great inspiration to Prezident Brown. The biggest and most formative influence for the Junior MC however, was producer and Soundsystem operator, Jack Ruby,prominent in the Ocho Rios music scene at the time. Ruby saw something special in him.He took the fatherless Slim Brown under hsi wing, re-christened him, Prezident Brown and appointed him resident M.C. of his Hi-Power Soundsystem, travelling Worldwide. After the sound system era changed following Jack Ruby's death in 1989, he began recording with Groove Music, who later founded Irie FM in JA. After that, he recorded with Roof International, Courtney Cole's label. Eventually it was Barry O'Hare's label, X-Rated (now World of Music,) that provided a home for base Prezident Brown and helped launch his career in Europe. X-Rated took off just as a massive roots revival swept across Jamaica, washing gun and slackness lyrics out of the dance halls, paving the way for conscious reggae music. Of course Prezident Brown was bound to rise in that kind of climate. He is a champion in the new roots and reality consciousness. Prezident Brown entertains, informs
and inspires. His message is pure rasta conscious vibes. By 1995, he flooded the market from all sides; He was free-lancing without a break. He was bringing out boom-tunes on the X-Rated label, among others like Digital B, Black Scorpio, Mango and Star Trail. He recorded the song, "Blow Your Nose," with Everton Blender, (an artist, with whom, he has toured Africa and Europe.) Prezident Brown also recorded on Tony Rebel's Flames label. (It should be noted that his style is frequently liken to that of Rebel's.)Prezident was also featured in the song, "Black And Proud," on the Steel Pulse album Rage And Fury. He has recorded with numerous other reggae legends as well. Barry O'Hare's X-rated label produced two albums, "Big Bad and Talented" and "Prezident Selections",(distributed on the Runn label.) After a
third album, Original Blueprint, (produced by Digital B, now licensed by V.P,) he continued to release singles. His fourth album. To Jah Only, (on the highly regarded Ocho Rios label, Kariang,) was then produced. In 2001 he started working with Jahmani Productions. That summer he toured the North and Southwest. The month long tour debuted at the Monterey Bay Reggaefest in September and ended at the Renegade Festival in Grass Valley. CA. Jahmani Productions (US) and Chet Records(Europe), along with Kariang and World of Music (JA) are working together in efforts to bring even more recognition to this talented artist worldwide and bring his musical blessing to the people. The album, Prezident Brown Showcase, Vol. 1 & 2 is a product of this
collaboration. Both of the showcases combined contain four C.D.s
and 63 timeless tracks. Prezident Brown Showcase, Vol.1, C.D.1 features a re-mastered version of his fourth album, To Jah Only plus three unreleased tracks: "Learn It On My Own," "Herbsman" and "Down in
the Valley." C.D.2 (executively produced by Jahmani Productions) features, Dub To Jah Only. Prezident Brown Showcase, Vol.2, C.D.1 Can't Touch my soul, is a compilation of singles including 6 previously
unreleased, tracks: "Can't Touch My Soul, "Chatty Mouth," "Got to Move," "Joyful Noise," "Watch Out" and "Hear my Prayer." C.D.2 features a remastered version of his second album, Prezident Selections, along with bonus tracks including: "Talking Drums" and "Holy Land". He is currently recording a new album in JA., ( produced by Chet Records.).