07/24 - Dandy Livingstone "The Vault Is Open"

Veteran UK based early reggae singer Dandy Livingstone, well remembered for his big early seventies hits Rudy A Message To You, also a massive hit for The Specials in the early eighties and popular with young folks ever since, and Suzanne Beware Of The Devil, returns to the fray with a fresh set of songs including a re-do of Rudy in the company of Jack Radics and two ska instrumentals featuring Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson and David Madden. Put some reggae in your jeggae, as the man himself might say.


1. Telephone Call From The Devil
2. Let's Party Together
3. Message To Rudy ft Jack Radics
4. My Yout'
5. A Woman's Love
6. Talking 'Bout Ska
7. Flat On My Face ft Trevor 'Scatta' Bonnick
8. I Surrender
9. If What We're Doing Is Wrong
10. Glamma Mama
11. I Wanna Touch You Baby ft Trevor 'Scatta' Bonnick
12. Ska Luv Rock
13. Eljoyro Ska (Instrumental)
14. Keep It Locked (Instrumental)