2016/10/03 - I-Kong "A Little Walk" - to be released next 13th of April - Fruits Records

Fruits of the astounding encounter between a forgotten ‘70s Jamaican legend and a young Swiss band, "A Little Walk" marks the return of I Kong at the forefront of the stage.
This ten-track showcase album was recorded in Kingston, in the purest roots tradition by Najavibes’ musicians, accompanied for this special occasion by ranking guests such as Scully Simms on the percussions, Dalton Browne on the lead guitar, and Sting Wray on the horns section. The powerful rhythm section and the melodic richness, mingling perfectly with I Kong’s lamenting voice, come together to form a whole, subtly mixed by the unoverlookable Roberto Sánchez.
Through "A Little Walk", I Kong revisits various topics that matter to him. This accomplished and eclectic album is both a tribute and a continuity of his 1979 splendid album The Way It Is.

To be released on LP next 13th of April 2015 !

Unmisseble release, an absolutely instant classic !


A1 Guiding Light
A2 Guiding Dub
A3 Live As One (Extended Mix)
A4 A Little Walk
A5 Dub Walk
B1 Groovy Feeling
B2 Dubby Feeling
B3 When I See You Smile
B4 Smiling Dub
B5 Mysterious Ways (Extended Mix)

Music played by Najavibes:

Antonin Chatelain : drums
Quentin Chappuis : bass (A side) and backing
Primo Viviani : bass (B side)
Mathias Liengme : keyboards and percussions
Léo Marin : rhythm guitar
Solal Excoffier : lead guitar (A3)
Dalton Browne : lead guitar
Sting Wray : trompette, trombone, euphonium
Scully Simms : percussions
Claude «Jah See» Jordan : flute
Eric «Rico» Gaultier : Saxophone
Alexandre Schneiter : backing vocals
Matteo D’Amico : backing vocals
Hélène Corini : backing vocals
Errol «I Kong» Kong : lead vocals

Label : Fruits Records
Produced, composed and arranged by Antonin
Chatelain, Quentin Chappuis, Léo Marin,
Primo Viviani et Mathias Liengme.
Lyrics by Errol «I Kong» Kong.
Recorded at Mixing Lab Studio, Kingston, and
at Small World Studio, Kingston by Perry
Hendricks and Gaylard Bravo.
Mixed at A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio, Santander,
by Roberto Sánchez.
Mastered at Precise Mastering, Gordon, by
Sam John.
Illustration by Sil Cunningham.