04/06 - Winston Edwards & Blackbeard - Dub Conference at 10 Downing Street – (2015 Vynil Reissue) – LP – Greensleeves Records

Top Dub Mixes from Dennis "Matumbi" Bovell, together with production of Winston Edwards, using Well Pack Band as backing band, here we have again on vynil 35 years later from the original release, the superb "Dub Conference at 10 Downing Street".
The vibes are great, the titles are great, the playing is all high calibre and the one-drop dubs are very well crafted.
"White Hall Scandal", "Airport Smuggling" and "Who Made The Prime Ministers Honour List Of 1975" are simply superb.
Absolutely Unmisseble, crucial, 2015 LP Reissue of this Greensleeves classic !

1 -Downing Street Rock
2 - Behind Closed Doors Of The House Of Commons
3 - Shake Buckingham Palace Down
4 - White Hall Scandal
5 - Ronald Biggs The Great Train Robber
6- Kensington Palace Confusion
7 - Fleet Street Cover Up
8 - Airport Smuggling
9 - Hyde Park Corner Investigation
10 - Who Made The Prime Ministers Honour List Of 1975