06/27 - Junior Domino "Carry Go Bring Come" - First Note Records

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The former group, Justin Hinds and the Dominoes original members were: Justin Hinds, Egerton Dixon and Dennis Sinclair.
Dixon and Hinds wrote and composed in 1964 their original hit song “Carry Go Bring Come” which became the most popular song on the airwaves in Jamaica and abroad and they subsequently wrote and composed hits after hits like “Cornerstone”, “Travel with Love”, “Drink Milk”, “Botheration” and “Sinners”.
The remake of “Carry Go Bring Come” Egerton Agustus Dixon’s (aka Junior Domino) signature song of 1964, have been re-recorded in September 2014 - 50 years later from the original piece.
FIRST NOTE RECORDS headed by Mr. Dwight Williams in an effort to preserve the music and to give recognition and acknowledgment to the great work of Egerton Dixon, started managing the duo, THE DOMINOES which consisted of Egerton Dixon and Noel “Major” Drake and unfortunately the duo were only able to re-recorded one song “Try Me” before Drake passed away in April 2015.
The true / original / foundation music will never die.
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Junior Domino - "Carry Go Bring Come"
First Note All Stars - "Bring The Sax Come"