09/16 - Flox - Homegrown - (edição oficial a 30 de Outubro) - Underdog Records / Differ-Ant / IWelcom

(apenas em inglês)

For years, the Franco-British artist Flox lives in Paris.

Influenced by Jamaican culture, LKJ and The Police through the modernity of Fat Freddy's Drop, FLOX offers "HOMEGROWN" his 5th album.
Although the four previous albums it better illustrates the universe of the artist, his personality and his career, "HOMEGROWN" is the one that brings us closer to FLOX. This new local production, tells us more about his state of mind: Be special, remain authentic even if it sometimes you be in "danger", always do what we feel without any concession. Making oneself to oneself and in the end share what is more honest in us.
And Flox had promised his fans, the next would be 100% "nu-reggae". After eight years of solo career with an album that is purely reggae vibes he respects and kept his promise.

An album that tells a story through profound messages.

PS: Máxima atenção a "So Many Blisters", um verdadeiro #1 ! Hit !


01 – So Many Blisters
02 - Tight
03 – Homegrown
04 – Find Some Joy
05 – Times Up
06 – The Sound Of The Champion
07 – A Road
08 - It’s The One
09 – The Color
10 – Cut It