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Jacko with Bambool is a group of friends, an addition of affinities, encounters. Musicians, students doing their first scales together, compose their first songs, give their first concerts.
Each hand forged and then refine his musical character and instrumental practice in various formations and styles before focusing on a common artistic project.
Create, exchange, propose, the group spends time together.
Time to play, time to share all these colors picked along the way.
We are in 2009, the collective states and defines his musical universe supported by voice and unique style of Jacko, the young singer stained stamp soul, making as little groover roots rock reggae. Rocked by the rhythms of Kuduro and Belley, and attracted as a teenager by Bob Marley and his disciples, Jacko is indeed a singer whose inspiration, history and origins of the universe beyond purely Jamaican as Bambool is first a band before being a reggae band.

Thus, members of the group, while wanting indeed play "Strictly reggae" never had a sectarian approach in their search for good vibrations. Every musician has had the chance to learn the music conservatory or school while being curious listeners equipped with current communication tools, which explains the open and universal vision of their musical world. The group therefore inspires what attracts and expires instrumental loops strung well as smoke curls. Rock to Soul through Blues and Funk, Jacko and his friends offer a coherent groove to put the service of their UK reggae color.

Although the approach is more committed messages contained in the texts that are faithful to reggae activists, spiritual and revolutionary. The group then recorded his first demos for 'friends' and corner of concert halls. This still leads the members of the collective, almost to their own surprise, to occur regularly and share the stage with some of the most internationally recognized formations in the image of Beat Assailant, Blood Shanti, Kassav 'Mo' Kalamity or Winston McAnuff. Jacko also continuing his side his singing activity songwriter in the UK-dub sound system environment. Well-known Parisian, it is also seen take the microphone during dances all over Europe but also lend her voice on vinyl productions for different labels.

In 2014, Jacko with Bambool, strengthened by the experience and confidence of the public into the studio this time to compose and record his first album. Reggae is king but each expresses influence and blooms freely. For a refrain repeated in chorus by a gospel choir or manouche guitar riff, with Jacko Bambool leads you into its universe and mixed committed where funk beats reviving the first moonwalk of Michael Jackson marry bass lines that would purr anyone What sound system. Until the release of the eponymous album 6 November 2015, the band's first single, released on 15 June, "Friendship" illustrates perfectly synthesizes the world of Jacko with Bambool, which still uses its unconstrained freedom of musical expression. A first title together with a clip, a pure product of the cultural universe of the collective, which has been echoed by the majority of specialized reggae media in France. The second single What They Do has already been released in the month of June on FIP Radio, which portends a great success for this album!

This first album bold, rich in originality is the result of Jacko with Bambool work conducted in collaboration with the Sweet Waters team which guaranteed for the first time to the group, following a period of work and investment, the access to professional studio and the services of its engineer qualified for the recording work, edict, arrangement and mixing for the entire album as well as an executive producer on the work around aspects communication and production (clip recording, management of different output parameters of the disc, manufacturing support, distribution deal, management of relations with the press officer, management service). This first album release for the label really is coupled with the history of the first album with Jacko Bambool for it is that mutual trust which has enabled the release of the first album of the band posing at the same time to label a cape very important. This course is very important structural, Sweet Waters, through its efforts in building a pro studio, allows its working groups musical background allowing to fully optimize the project. Registration brass, strings, a gospel choir, the studio becomes the Sweet Waters workshop allows the group to shape without constraint, his musical work. A new model that pays off because with Jacko Bambool offers here something that we had never heard in France.
To be checked - "African Beat" song, a must !

01 – What They Do
02 – Tunisia
03 – Good Food
04 – Sleeping in the Street
05 – City So Shitty
06 – Rainbow
07 – Babylon is Fallin'
08 – No One
09 – Self Confidence
10 – African Beat
11 – Sea is Empty
12 – Gypsies
13 – Friendship (single & clip)
14 – Dub Food
15 – Time Dub
16 – Dubbin' in the Street