10/18 - Sandeeno - "Silent River" - 10'' Single - Crucial Ruler 2014

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Crucial Ruler is a label that was created by Dubby Ambassah (Pirate’s Choice Recordings) and Puppa BB (Bomb Bass Hi- Fi), serving as a vehicle to spread their digital reggae productions upon vinyl grooves. On CR we find the flavour of the original 80’s sound, Computerized Rub-A-Dub, and of course digital roots and dub.
Crucial Ruler presented last year a 10” limited release of 500 copies only, featuring the collaboration of veteran jamaican singer Sandeeno as well as the talented melodica player Ras Telford.
On side A Sandeeno presents “Silent River”, a shoot of popular wisdom over Cold Riddim, a heavyweight digikal riddim with a powerful bassline which will squeeze every Sound System with both, vocal and Dub version “Cold Dub”.
On side B we find an instrumental production showing the deepest side of the label. “Sabotage” reveals the close work of Ras Telford and Dub Crucials. With the meditative melodica from Telford wafting upon an hypnotic composition from Dubby. Closing the vinyl, “Dubotage” highlights the skills of Dub Master Roberto Sánchez in deadly dubwise fashion.
All the cuts on this record were mixed by Roberto Sanchez at his A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio.
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A: Sandeeno - "Silent River" / Dub Crucials - "Crucial Dub"
B: Ras Telford - "Sabotage" (Melódica) / Dub Crucials - "Dubotage"