Wayne McArthur “True Disciple of Jah Music”

Wayne McArthur “True Disciple of Jah Music”

The Universal Players is a 7 member outfit consisting of Wayne McArthur on lead vocal backed by Drum & Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Percussion & vocal harmony. The band is based in Luton, Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes and have toured extensively throughout the UK over the past 10 years. Wayne McArthur & The Universal Players have also performed at various festivals countrywide more notably the World Together Festival Gloucester and the Paradise Fest Bury St Edmunds both in 209.

The musical genre is Roots Rock Reggae and the musical theme is a cultural and spiritual offering of goodwill to all nations. Singer/songwriter Wayne McArthur of UK reggae music production label, "MOON WAVE MUSIC", has kept up a strong track record in musical releases throughout his career and has enjoyed vibrant reviews globally for a number of groundbreaking tracks such as "RAINBOW" and the sound system anthem "VICTORY DANCE”. Wayne is always working and experimenting with a variety of producers and it was with Paris based production label, Reggae Remedy that Wayne created waves with the release of "VICTORY DANCE”. A hypnotic fusion of deep roots reggae rhythm and a chant of freedom. His ongoing projects with Russ Disciple of Backyard Movements have produced numerous releases and the top quality album, "Love Faith & Belief". The current bands’ repertoire include songs from the albums "DREAD MUSIC AFFAIRS" and the current "INNALOVEOFJAH". The set includes the seminal "WORDS OF JAH MESSAGE", "GIVE WE JAH" and "NO FEARS" and to name a few. The remaining set list are from two previous albums from the MWM label in the form of "LOVE FAITH & BELIEF" and Wayne’s first release on the MWM label in 1991 entitled "UNIVERSAL HARMONY".

Well received dub-wise album, "LOVE FAITH & BELIEF", combined vocal tracks with instrumental dubs, in a musical extravaganza with Russ Disciple providing the rhythms. On the other hand, "UNIVERSAL HARMONY" was an earlier project where Wayne got into song-writing and recording album tracks on an 8-track recording machine, TASCAM 38, that he acquired to be na independent record label. This is after a brief introduction to the music industry by producing a 12" release recorded in Ariwa
Studio in Crystal Palace in 1987 called “THE GOOD THAT YOU DO”. Ariwa, the music home of Mad Professor, Neil Fraser provided the backdrop that started Wayne’s label production efforts with backing by Black Steel, the multi-skilled musical outfit formed in the late 1970’s.

The aim of the band is to carry on reaching people of different origins, for the bands’ music wide appeal is evident by the club gigs and festival that they have encountered this year with great flair to entertain their local and further afield supporters. Giving the people 100% is important to the lead man of this band, Wayne McArthur. He has never strayed from his position to deliver the songs that he so deeply believes in and is passionate about. His message calls for better social living globally, regardless to race class origins or gender, as all good things come from the one divine father, The Most High.

Check: http://www.waynemcarthurandtheuniversalplayers.com/


7" 45rpm Records
"Never Gonna Give It Up" MoonWaveMusic Studio
"Give We Jah" Disciples Studio
"No Fears" Vibronics Studio
"Walk Of Life" KarnaTone Studio...

10" 45rpm Records
"When Will There Be Peace", "Universal Harmony/Love Faith & Belief" - Disciples Studio
"Blessings", "Merciful" - Vibronics Studio
"Give Us Ur Space/Table For All Nations" - Conscious Studio/Dub Creator Studio...

12" Records
"Good That You Do" - Ariwa Studio
"Dancing On A Rainbow/Revelation 2000" - Disciples Studio
"Cry Rebel/Words Of Jah Message" - Conscious Studio/Vibronics Studio
“Jah Love To The Rescue" - House Of David Studio
"Run Come Rally/Giving Praises" - Disciples Studio/Vibronics Studio
"Victory Dance/Unification" - 129-H Studio/Conscious Studio
"Self Realisation/Jah Love Is The Reason Why" - Disciples Studio...

LP/Albums 33rpm Records/CDs
"Universal Harmony" - Moon Wave Music Studio
"Love Faith & Belief" - Disciples Studio
"Dread Music Affairs/Inna Love Of Jah/Inna Dub Jah"
“Various Studio's Forthcoming Release In October 2011
"Roots Criteria" - Disciples Studio/Conscious Sounds Studio/129-H Studio/Karnatone Studio.