07/24 - Dandy Livingstone "The Vault Is Open"

Original veterano Dandy Livingstone, eternamente conhecido pelo clássico Rudy, A Message to You, está de volta em 2014 com o album The Vault Is Open.
Para ouvir no programa Reggae Portugal com a cortesia de outro veterano - Mr. Danny Ray e a distribuidora Black Jack.


1. Telephone Call From The Devil
2. Let's Party Together
3. Message To Rudy ft Jack Radics
4. My Yout'
5. A Woman's Love
6. Talking 'Bout Ska
7. Flat On My Face ft Trevor 'Scatta' Bonnick
8. I Surrender
9. If What We're Doing Is Wrong
10. Glamma Mama
11. I Wanna Touch You Baby ft Trevor 'Scatta' Bonnick
12. Ska Luv Rock
13. Eljoyro Ska (Instrumental)
14. Keep It Locked (Instrumental)