2016/04/19 - Takana Zion – Good Life - (edição oficial 27/05) - Soulbeats / Harmonia Mundi / IWelcom

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Takana Zion, ambassador of African reggae is finally back with a new roots reggae album that pays tribute to the origins of the movement. GOOD LIFE due out in Soulbeats Records is a new demonstration of the Guinean artist largely inspired by the Jamaican icons that guided him so far.

Recorded in the famous Tuff Gong studio in Kingston (JA) founded by Bob Marley, "Good Life" brings together the dream team of reggae with musicians such as Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Errol "Flabba Holt" Carter, Lloyd 'Obeah' Denton or still Dalton Browne. Dean Fraser talented (currently saxophonist Tarrus Riley) is also in the game, all orchestrated by engineer Sam 'Junior' Clayton who had already intervened on the making of the album "Rasta Government" and is not other than the son of Samuel Clayton history the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari.

The Takana Zion of timbre and his love for the roots had already persuaded some of the greatest Jamaican reggae, with Capleton image that was found in 2011 featuring the song Glory. A bridge between Africa and Jamaica more natural to share the common history of the two peoples and this unshakable love for music. A native of Conakry in Guinea, Takana Zion has always been sincerely concerned with the misery of his people. He has always held a combative speech supported by reggae, which he quickly emerged as a pacifist weapon and a mass communication tool to all oppressed peoples. Star in his country, the artist does not hesitate to speak up and say what he thinks. It is thus rightly regarded as the young heir of Tiken Jah Fakoly, artist who soon will catch her talent and aura with which it shares many visions and points of view. Actually received by the Guineans as a major figure in the country's culture, they consider man as the spokesman of their history around the world, a true cultural ambassador. Capable of large-scale initiatives, Takana Zion is involved in 2015 in the national celebrations for the 57th Anniversary of Independence. Thus, on 2 October, the Guinean people have seen Takana Zion alongside Jamaican Sizzla Kalonji tread the scene of the Stadium of Conakry. A historic concert in front of 50 000 people.

Adored by the public as much as envied by other cultural actors, the status of public frontman made Takana Zion a controversial artist against his will. Always concerned for the welfare of his people, he dedicates Takana unfailing loyalty forever.

This is a chastened Takana Zion today presenting the new album "Good Life" more committed than ever but now enjoying the wisdom related to his experience on the international stage and maturity. We salute the touching song Mariama the artist dedicates to his wife. "Good Life" is an important turning point in the career of the artist, which returns to the classics, the fundamentals of reggae. basslines neat, dynamic brass, powerful electric guitars and riddims that already sound like classics, everything is there. Messages are also worthily carried by the voice of Takana Zion which one never tires and blend brilliantly African and Jamaican intonations. Certainly songs like Hit My Soul (available on video) or Real Black Man flirting with ska and mento resonate in the minds of many fans of reggae and African music.
A report to the tracklisting, the presence of a single featuring in the person of Hon Neville Livingstone aka Bunny Wailer himself on the title When Jah Speaks calling for more spirituality.

Definitely and so far, one of the best releases of 2016 ! TOP !

01 - Africans Unite
02 - Congo Dreadlocks
03 - Good Life
04 - Hit My Soul
05 - Jah Love
06 - Jah Will Be There
07 - Mariama
08 - Protect Myself
09 - Rainbow Generation
10 - Real Black Man
11 - Mosiah Marcus
12 - Make it work
13 - When Jah Speaks Ft Bunny Wailer