2016/06/03 - Jahcoustix - "Seriously Positive" - Irie Vibrations 2016

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“Seriously Positive” is Jahcoustix´s 7th long player and is a throwback to the vintage Roots Reggae Era. Staying positive in serious times and using the positivity of music to transport a profound message is the common thread of the album.

The recording approach was a counterpart to the majority of contemporary Reggae productions. „With too much programming and drum editing the music looses what it´s actually all about: Life and a certain degree of roughness that creates a raw groove and a natural and edgy feeling.“

Like with the prior album „Frequency“, Jahcoustix teamed up with Irievibrations Records to prolong the fruitful collaboration of the past years. The players of instruments are a selection of Germany´s top notch Reggae musicians from Jahcoustix´ new home-town Berlin (Evolution Band, The Magic Touch).

Further more "Seriously Positive" features 2 well known names of the international Reggae Scene (Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite and Uwe Banton).

This summer Jahcoustix will be playingseveral major festivals all over Europe followed by a Release Club Tour in autumn 2016.

Definitely one of the best releases of 2016 !


Date Release: 3rd of June 2016

01. Attack and Release
02. Change of Scenery
03. Open Skies
04. A Blink of an Eye feat. Uwe Banton
05. Old Tongue
06. When We Part
07. Pressure Drop
08. What Makes Someone Leave feat. Akae Beka
09. Soul Steady
10. Too Brutal
11. Unnecessary
12. Clear
13. Youniverse
14. Open Skies (Syrix Dub Mix)
15. Blink of an Eye (Syrix Dub Mix)
16. What Makes Someone Leave (Syrix Dub Mix)