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We know that for years, the Reggae is no longer reserved for a certain skin color or nationality. Having always defended a universal message, the culture he represents has greatly exceeded the boundaries of Jamaica. The worldwide success of Alborosie illustrates this reshuffle.

Born in Sicily, it brings together all aspects of the artist in reggae ascension, a headline that pulls that composed, written, played and produced a series of albums since his acclaimed album "Soul Pirate" released in 2008. It is now back to where it was expected, with an album "to dub influence and marked inroads into dubstep and electro on some tracks," says the author. "It is a kind of concept album," he says. "In most of my records, you inevitably think of the roots, the rub-a-dub, ska, but this time I wanted more consistency.

For me it is a new adventure in the text too. I as always in charge of everything. Reggae is a social music so I evokes political, love and revenge, but about freedom and fire (Freedom & Fyah). Here you can find songs of freedom but you must walk through fire you because some people like us and not others. So I can not pretend that all is for the best in the best of worlds.

We must know how to fight and this is what I do in songs like Ask. This song denounced the hypocrites. People (and I'm not afraid to include me) like to look good but if one looks twice, they are far from blameless. We humans all make mistakes, life is like that. "Ask, released first single, is one of the bombs of the album. The other hit Rocky Road is found here in a different version of the single. In the clip, Alborosie appears old man with a gray beard, watching the film of his own life, child, adolescent and young man before seeing son and grand-son to the image. The message is deep, deceptively playful addressing the fundamental question of life and death. He gives here the lyrics Rasta Roots songs with uncompromising Can not Cool and Judgement and Cry, who criticize the gunmen who have made Kingston a battlefield. On Rich, he said that money does not bring happiness and brings us back in the 80's on Everything when riddims Roots Radics ruled the dancehalls.

Working in his own studio (Studio Schengen) in Kingston, at the foot of the mountains, it uses a vintage analog equipment as well as the latest technology. Alborosie excels when it comes to revive the old school - not by copying what has already been done but by delivery to date.

He proved successful in the past and is now recognized for this expertise. This has not always been the case. When his songs have reached the top of the charts, local developers have taken a pleasure mallin to say that authentic reggae was primarily for the European public. History showed otherwise and success of Jamaicans as Chronixx or Protoje proves that the roots has become popular again. "Pupa Albo" is against his pioneer movement today called "Reggae Revival." It also invites Protoje Strolling on, akin to Alborosie a reggae-western.

"I've known Protoje well before his name circulates, besides all the people I work with are brothers, there is a special relationship between us. This is also the case for Ky-mani Marley who figures prominently in the album. He came to Gee Jam Studio when I was working there and the vibe is right passed on. He is a child of the music and the music is in me, work was surprisingly easy. "

Ky-mani and Protoje are two major artists but Alborosie knows how young talent in the spotlight. This is the case with Sandy Smith, one of the singers Albo has enjoyed success with their duet No Joking Thing (2013). "I love his voice," he said. "We sing here together on this and Carry On match perfectly. She is beautiful and very sensual, I could make a single-radio but I decided to put on a big dub activist because after all that's how I understand this music, it is a mission. We do it to help people create a better environment.

Reggae-music is like a book - a book of life - which we must inspire us. "Her other surprise guest is also Jamaican and little known outside the circle of Alborosie. "Her name Sugus and has an amazing voice, I had to record it! To me it is the female version of Horace Andy. She sings a long time and asked choirs in the 70's with Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs. She's an elder, y 'know? This is actually the grandmother of my girlfriend, but she has the tone I was looking for. " Sugus appears on Zion Youth - rallying song for all Rastas fighters of today - and also on 420 Fly - perfect fusion of classic reggae and dub-step. Since 2001 and its installation on the island, Alborosie has never traveled far. It's right out of his early hits Kingston Town and Herbalist that the artist has won the recognition of his fathers, but his aura has grown steadily since it was signed with VP Records / Greensleeves in 2009, delivering them cult album "Escape From Babylon".

The video showed the guiding musicians around the world, tearing the ruins of the modern world, like a Moses leading the people to the Promised Land. Eight years later, we find this same vision in the words of Jamaican preacher the Reverend Rohan Treleven declaiming a true manifesto introduction of the album Freedom & Fyah "Music is in you" chants there. "You're talking to your generation but through the words of the living God, your words will be to the glory of God and you will sure to build and unify humanity." Such words are perfect for Alborosie, add to that the promise - spoken by a voice seeming to come from the beyond - "you will find your place and be a blessing to the people" ( "You will take your place and be a blessing to your generation. ")

Biografia por John Masouri.

Alborosie de regresso a Portugal: 01.07.16 Cascais (PT) / Musa Festival

01. The Prophecy feat. Rev. Rohan Treleven
02. Can't Cool
03. Fly 420 feat. Sugus
04. Cry
05. Strolling feat.Protoje
06. Rocky Road
07. Poser
08. Judgement
09. Life To Me feat. Ky-Mani Marley
10. Rich
11. Carry On feat.Sandy Smith
12. Everything feat. Roots Radics & Pupa Avril
13. Zion Youth feat. Sugus