2016/11/07 - Jahneration – Jahneration - (to be released next 25th November) - Ovastand / Kuroneko / IWelcom

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Jahneration is a duo of Parisian singers (Theo & Ogach). Since 2009 they sharpen their feathers and their flows on a Reggae / Hip-Hop of their own. Their first songs receive an excellent reception from their loved ones. It is with the release on YouTube of Me nah fed up in featuring with Naâman and The Answer that the musical project really starts. The videos know a fast infatuation on the internet and give the strength to the group to continue to convey its message. An active public on social networks is created immediately and becomes their best broadcasting weapon.
In early 2013, the duo released a first EP 6 titles self-produced The Foreword. The album receives a very positive reception from an already enlarged audience. Theo and Ogach begin to envisage a professional horizon to their project. Both continue their studies while Jahneration continues to grow. In 2015, Jahneration reached a milestone in its development by integrating the Ovastand label. A new team of 4 musicians is formed, about twenty concerts are given. In 2016, more than 60 dates followed, both in France and abroad, including a tour in India last January. Jahneration thus proposes an effective musical universe that knows how to convince the crowds thanks to catchy melodies and encouraging, lively and hopeful lyrics. The clips No Want and Reload (shot in India) come out and quickly accumulate the million views. In parallel to the tour begins the production of their first and very awaited album which will be released on November 25, 2016. The group Dub Inc ', offering them to ensure their first game at the Zenith of Paris on November 26, 2016 is a Valuable support. The group will defend this new record in concerts in France and abroad until the end of 2017.
Key Track : Lift Us High Ft Meta Dia !

01 - Runaway
02 - Badminds
03 - Come Aboard Ft Dean Fraser
04 - Control Your Tempa Ft Naâman
05 - No Want
06 - Deh Ya
07 - Not Like Them Ft Dj Nix'on
08 - On The Way
09 - Reload
10 - Lift Us High Ft Meta Dia
11 - One Day