2017/05/17 - Pablo Moses - Pave the Way - (reedição 2016) - LP - House of Moses / Grounded Music

(apenas em inglês)
Classic 1981 roots reggae album reissued with the original Jamaican artwork.
The last joint stroke of the dream team Pablo Moses and Geoffrey Chung was released in 1981.
"Pave The Way" became a MOSES best selling album as Island Records decided to expand its distribution to the US.
Essential reissue & great pressing too !
Superb !

1) Proverbs Extraction.
2) It's A Trick. 
3) Pave The Way.
4) Dig On.
5) Africa Is For Me.
6) A Step Before Hell.
7) Last Straw.
8) I See It Everyday.
9) Sister.