2017/08/24 – King Jammy – Waterhouse Dub – LP - Greensleeves Records

Returning to the ring with Waterhouse Dub, a brand new slab of megaton dub, King Jammy, the undisputed heavy-weight champion of drum and bass draws for a crucial selection of his toughest rub-a-dub specials to deliver ten mind-destroying dub knock-outs. Set the controls to Kingston 11.

Lethal Dub (Earl Zero Please Officer), Captivity Dub (Junior Reid Jailhouse) - UNMISSEBLES !


01. Lethal Dub
02. Revenge Attack
03. Captivity Dub
04. Kingdom Of Jah
05. Holy Mount Zion Dub
01. Super Power Dub
02. Village Dub
03. Experience Dub
04. Jammys A Shine
05. Dub For Dave Hudley