2017/11/15 – Mista Savona Presents: Havana meets Kingston - CD – Baco Records 20017

A Project that will be eternally crafted in the Music Story !
01. Chan Chan feat. Maikel Ante, Félix Baloy, Solis & Eugenio Rodriguez
02. Carnival feat. Solis & Randy Valentine
03.  Interlude El Cuarto Intro
04. El Cuarto de Tula feat. Maikel Ante, El Médico & Turbulence
05. 410 San Miguel feat. Ernest Ranglin
06. 100 Pounds of Collie feat. Cornel Campbell, Prince Allá, the Jewels, Leroy Sibbles, Cali P, Lutan Fyah & Exile Di Brave
07. Candela feat. Solis & Randy Valentine
08. In the Ghetto feat. Aza Lineage & Birdz-I [Where We're From]
09. Vibración Positive feat. Randy Valentine & Anyilena
10. Heart of a Lion feat. Lutan Fyah, I-Maali, Brenda Navarrete & France Nooks
11. Trumpet Interlude feat. Julito Padrón
12. Carnival Horns feat. Julito Padrón
13. La Sitiera feat. Beatriz Márquez & Rolando Luna
14. Dubwise feat. France Nooks & Prince Alla
15. Row Fisherman Row feat. Prince Alla