2019/05/16 - Clinton Fearon – Time – (edição oficial a 07/06) - CD Single - Boogie Brown / Baco / IWelcom

(apenas em inglês)

It is with the arrival of this new TIME MAX that CLINTON FEARON begins his fiftieth year of career. "Time" first extract of his next album scheduled for September 13, declined on this EP in 4 versions and available from June 7. This legendary Jamaican reggae has taken the time, just as nature takes time to flourish, to return to your ears after 3 years of absence.

Time is the subject of this first single, which came naturally to CLINTON FEARON when he reflected on his long career. "I went through all kinds of situations, sometimes difficult, but I never gave up music. Today I am in a more comfortable position, but I do not stop to learn and grow. It takes time to climb summits. The title is also an introduction to the philosophy of the artist: "Time is present in all facets of our lives, it never stops and we only enjoy a limited time on this earth. Also what we do with this time is very important.

For the first time CLINTON FEARON offers several versions of a song. "Time" was recorded on a reggae version of course, but also a dub version "Dub Time", jazz "Jazz Time" and an instrumental world "Tama Time". "I started writing the jazz version, but I kept drifting to reggae and another version was born. I finally decided to keep both, and produce two more. Each version comes with its surprise. The great ERNEST RANGLIN of which CLINTON FEARON is an absolute fan poses a guitar solo on "Jazz Time". Another nugget: a masterful percussion solo on "Tama Time" CLINTON FEARON realizes himself with a "speaking drum" called Tama in Senegal. Other musicians joined the band, including members of his band the Seattle Boogie Brown Band, and singer Sarah Christine and singer Naomi Wachira on "Time". Recorded, mixed and mastered in Seattle where CLINTON FEARON has been packing for many years, this new TIME MAX will be available worldwide from June 7th! A preview of the album phenomenon planned for this autumn (September 13), do not deprive you.


01 – Time
02 – Dub Time
03 – Jazz Time
04 – Tama Time