2019/10/07 – Faygo – Together – Fawaka Prod / Musical Impact

After a fruitful success with its first album "Harvest", the band Faygo is sowing new seeds to continue cultivating its music. Faygo’s second album is called “Together”; together for the next adventure, together to support each other, together to keep the band’s energy at its highest.
“Together” is the investment of a whole team around a shared idea. The album takes an introspective look at the moments shared by the band members since the beginning of their adventure. The tracks are sometimes inspired by more personal and spiritual influences, but the result is a shared work based on the lyrics of the three songwriters of this album.

The texts touch upon social themes that affect us all; for example food waste, modern slavery, indifference, media speculation on insecurity, immigration and the absurdity of our consumer society. They also evoke nature, love and living together, a subject that is very important to Faygo.

Faygo even crosses borders to share its message with the striking intervention of Judean Kong – a Thai singer (Jonathan and Calvin) – in the track No more Slavery, which raises questions about modern and mental slavery. The band didn’t stop at just one collaboration and once again made a splash in the French reggae scene by signing a featuring with the singer Mystic Loïc (Mystical Faya), who gladly accepted the invitation to join Faygo’s adventure for the track Long Way to Zion.

The presence of a horn section of four instruments (alto/tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone) brings energy and creativity to the sextet’s music. The section’s arrangements, composed by Simon Latouche and Jean-Baptiste Hueber, add the richness of jazz and the warmth of world music to Faygo’s music.
1 - Free your mind
2 - Sing it Together
3 - Inna di train
4 - Be yourself
5 - Love is di healing
6 - Long Way to Zion(ft Mystic Loïc)
7 - Starving
8 - Praise Jah
9 - No more slavery (ft Judean Kong)
10 - Time is running away
11 - Praise Jah Dub
12 - Time Dub
13 - Long Way to Dub
14 - Dub it together