2021/10/14 – Marcus Gad meets Tamal – Brave New World - High Records / Easy Star / Baco / IWelcom

(apenas em inglês)

Brave New World was written right after the first European lockdown in 2020, just about a year ago.

Back then, we had spent weeks speculating about what was going on behind the curtains, but somehow had the feeling that something we had fore-sensed for years was unraveling.
After two months in the peace of our countryside dwelling in the south of France, going up to Paris to record songs with Tamal was quite an interesting experience. As I was walking out into what seemed to be yet another dystopia, I couldn’t help but thinking about Huxley‘s Brave New World. Going up to the studio, I had to sing about it, in the same satirical fashion, and this song was born. Overall, I believe the way we face the challenges that await us today, as a humanity, are of utmost importance. We cannot run away from the factual reality of what is going down. However, the way we decide face it is entirely our choice. I chose love and trust.



01 – Brave New World*

02 – Between The Lines*

03 – Sunshine*

04 – Break The Spell

05 – Tempo*

06 – Callin I Tribe

07 – One Day

08 – Treasure

09 – Look Around

10 – Young One

11 – From the Ashes

12 – Careful What You Wish For