03/27 - Rough Sounds - Jamaican Journey - Rough Sounds / Kunaki, LLC

This is one of those surprises that i'm always "eagerly" to hear when it arrives a new project that i've never heard about.
Rough Sounds is the name given to a collective and a recording Studio based in California (USA), where have met on different occasions, top worldwide musicians like Style Scott (RIP), Horseman and Wadi Gad on drums, Tony Chin, Alberto Fernandez, Tony Lee, Stevie Veerhaly, Rex Bailey, Jon Doran, Jay Jetton in Guitars, Zacky, Tony Bird and Todd Johnson on the keys, Jativa, Ralph Torres and Todd Johnson on Saxophone and Trumpet respectively, Mike Irwin on melodica, and Lai hee in tambourine.
The project have been mixed by Mike Irwin and Chuck Foster, reaching in the 21st century, one of the greatest instrumental albums I've ever heard to date!
All fans of the authentic Reggae Music played with authentic instruments can not in any way miss to get the hands / ears in this work.

7 stars!

1. Travel The World
2. Late for15 O'Clock
3. Jaywalking
4. Surfing
5. Aztec Journey
6. Destination JA
7. One Stop
8. Riding South
9. Running Rough
10. The Way
11. Mexicali
12. Footprints
13. Road to Jamaica