04/14 - Keith Hudson - Rasta Communication in Dub - LP – Greensleeves Records

We were in 2012, when arrived as a promo to Reggae Portugal Radio Show directly from Greensleeves Records the SUPERB double CD edition of Keith Hudson's "Rasta Communication".
The original LP had been released in 1978, and Keith Hudson as we all know started as Producer in Jamaica in the late 60's, early 70's, making history for example on the production of "Old Fashioned Way"by Ken Boothe, "Spanish Omega" GEM by Dennis Alcapone and also the 3rd piece on the same riddim, for U Roy. (Must see the reissue of these 3pieces on the same riddim in 2004 through Trojan Records on a LOVELY 10'' single.)
But Keith Hudson was not only a producer, after being forced to "escape" from Jamaica in the 70s, and being lived between the USA and UK,
he continue to produce and also voiced some songs that were only "perceived" and "applauded" by a smaller audience that was "hungry" for something different than what was recorded and released in the island over the 70's. The result was a string of conscious / deeply serious messages, accompanied yes, the "usual" Sly & Robbie and Soul Syndicate band.
In 2012, as written, Greensleeves had bring back "Rasta Communication", BUT added on CD#2 as a bonus, the never before available, the superb "Rasta Communication in Dub".
All the Massive remembers surely the constant "airplay" of this double CD at Reggae Portugal Radio Show.
In 2015, was made the "will" to true collectors of Reggae Music,requested since 2012, the release of "Rasta Communication in Dub" on LP.
Here it is, an absolute must, absolutely crucial, for the 1st time in Vynil in the new serie of - Greensleeves Dub Masters.

1. Rub Dub
2. Felt The Strain Dub
3. My Eyes Are Red Dub
4. National Item
5. I Broke The Comb Dub
6. Barrabas Dub
7. Image Dub
8. (Jonah) Come Out Now Version
9. Musicology Dub
10. Darkness Dub