04/15 - Alborosie meets King Jammy "Dub of Thrones" – Greensleeves Records

TOP Dub project released in the 21st century, it reminds me some "dub clashes" released in the 80s, such as "Big Showdown" between Scientist and Prince Jammy.
In this new work from Alberto d 'Ascola aka Alborosie, we find out a " Dub Clash" with legendary Producer Lloyd James aka King Jammy.
Twelve instrumental "dismantled" at Shengen Studio and Jammy's Studio respectively, six for each side, some of the riddims are the eternal's "Foggy Road", "Every Tongue Shall Tell" and "Hypocrites".
This is an historic encounter between the "new school" and the "old school" mixing dub techniques, definitely all the massive will want to see both live on a tour that is planned later this year.
It seems also important to highlight the stunning Tony McDermott 'Game Of Thrones' inspired artwork. The album includes a fully-illustrated package by Tony McDermott, Greensleeves Records' go-to artist for almost four decades known for his iconic cartoon imagery depicting Jamaican Music.
Alborosie have been interviewed at Reggae Portugal Radio Show in April 2014, can be remembered here: http://www.reggaeportugal.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=192:2014-04-20-alborosie-s-interview&catid=18&lang=en&Itemid=174, on that time he as already talking about this "Dub of Thrones".
The mostly instrumental collection is available since the 13th of April on CD, limited edition vinyl and digitally.
Splendid Dub Work, Splendid Artwork !

1. Daddy U Roy Intro
2. A Dub Of Ice And Fire
3. Dub The Seven Kingdoms
4. Iron Throne Dub
5. Rise Up Dub
6. A Winter Of Dub
7. Great Wall Of Dub
8. Lords Of Dub
9. King Of The Dub Clash
10. Who Claims The Throne?
11. Dragon Fire Dub
12. Dub Feast
13. Dub Cinderella feat. Errol Dunkley