04/29 - Keith & Tex - Just Passing Through - Kebar Records 2015

Veteran Jamaican harmony duo Keith (Keith Barrington Rowe) and Tex (Phillip Texas Dixon) are back with a new album in following their Redux album released in 2013 in Europe through Soul Beats Records in France.
The duo is probably best known for their haunting rocksteady masterpieces like "Tonight", "“Hypnotic Eyes” or either the singe and LP called "Stop That Train", a cut that has been versioned and versioned several times since it was released late 60s on Crystal Records, the label from artist / producer Mr. Derrick Harriott.
On "Just Passing Through" they have collaborated with musicians from the UK, France, Israel, California and Hawaii, still capturing on the 21st century the true foundation sound that they're known for on the last 4 decades.
There's some key tracks that makes this project a extremely solid effort, do not miss "Life Goes On", "Righteous Man", my favourite "Respek" and a great Tribute on "Born Winners".
Give thanks to Mr. Rowe and Mr. Texas for the autograph on the album !
Respect !


1. Back into Your World
2. Life Goes On
3. Just Passing Through
4. We Can Make It
5. Righteous Man
6. I'm Lost
7. Sweet Jamaica
8. Why Do I Cry
9. Keeping It Real
10. Gotta Represent
11. Respek
12. Standing In
13. Born Winners
14. Back into Your Dub
15. Life Goes on Version
16. Sweet Jamaica Dub
17. Winning Dub