05/10 - Yellowman & Fathead & Purpleman & Sister Nancy - The Yellow, The Purple & The Nancy - (2015 Vinyl Reissue) – LP – Greensleeves Records

The Greensleeves reissue program continues in 2015, and 33 years after the original release, here it is again to all the fans this absolutely TOP Giant DJ clash set.
A crucial set of Hi-Times Band rhythms ('Vanity', 'Queen Of The Minstrels', 'Mad Mad', 'West Of The Sun' etc), produced by Henry 'Junjo' Lawes at Channel One and mixed at Channel One & Joe Gibbs by Soldgie, Errol Thompson & Oswald Palmer features 3 of the greatest deejay's of all time, female Sister "Bam Bam" Nancy, King Yellowman and, i must confess, one of my favourite original dancehall deejays - Peter Yellow also known as Purpleman.
"Out of Hand" continue to mash up any Dance !
Runn It !

A1. Feeling Irie (Purpleman)
2. Mr Wong (Yellowman & Fathead)
3. A No Any Man Can Test Sister Nancy (Sister Nancy)
4. Get Ready (Purpleman)
5. Baby Father (Yellowman & Fathead)
B1. Dance Pon The Corner (Sister Nancy)
2. Out Of Hand (Purpleman)
3. Mash It Up Now (Yellowman & Fathead)
4. Bang Belly (Sister Nancy)
5. Westmoreland Skank (Purpleman)