06/03 - Chuck Foster "Righteous Dub" - Catch Me Time Records

Heavy dubs in the Jamaican tradition recorded at Rough Sounds Redondo Beach, drawn from original tracks recorded for Chuck Foster's "Easy Street" release.
"Righteous Dub" is his second dub release (the first was "Conscious Dub", also issued on the Catch Me Time Label. 
Musicians include Mike Irwin on bass, Mystery Man, Stevie Veerhault of Detour Posse and Tony Chin from Big Mountain, Soul Syndicate and The Aggrovators on guitar, Horseman on drums, Tony Bird and Zacky Bernard of the Twinkle Brothers on keys, Todd Johnson of Arise Roots on trumpet and Lai Hee on percussion. 
The Vocal part together with this Dub part, is a must for the massive that appreciates the sound of the seventies, but with a contemporary feel.
Do not miss "Righteous Dub" using the eternal "He Prayed" Riddim, and also "Only Dub That's Real" !
Check it !

1. Awakening Dub
2. Only Dub That's Real
3. House of Dub
4. Street Dub
5. Don't Let It Get You Dub
6. Worker's Dub
7. Dub the Line
8. Spy Version Spy
9. Free Dub
10. Revelation Dub
11. Let Me Dub Easy
12. Way Back Dub
13. What Are We Dubbing For
14. Stormy Dub
15. Righteous Dub