06/27 - Dudley Sibley with Smooth Beans - Awake - 7'' Single - Liquidator Music

Recognized by Rocksteady and Reggae connoisseurs all around the world, but almost unknown for the general public, Dudley Sibley is a Studio One living legend.
Back in the day he worked with Clement ‘Coxsone' Dodd both in the studio and at the pressing plant and, of course, recorded a handful of unbeatable 45s such as "Gun Man", "Run Boy Run", "Time Is The Key" or "Hole in Your Soul" (with Peter Austin from The Clarendonians).
Now you can enjoy a new song on the 21st century with his powerful style entitled "Awake", backed by one of the Rocksteady nowadays favourite bands from Spain - Smooth Beans.
The Riddim have been recorded at A-Lone Studio from Roberto Sanchez, and the vocal part at Sonic Sound Studio in Kingston.
Do not miss it !

Side A: Dudley Sibley with Smooth Beans - Awake
Side B: Smooth Beans - Jamaica Farewell