10/06 - Augustus Pablo Presents - Rockers International - 2CDs - Greensleeves Records

Originally issued as two separate album releases this 2CD remastered edition collects up 28 Augustus Pablo classic from the golden age of Rockers.
Melodica masterpieces, deep dubs and classic vocal sides from the likes of Jacob Miller, Junior Delgado, Earl Sixteen etc. all built on Augustus Pablo signature rock solid drum and bass foundations.
"I'll tell you the truth. When you're doing works like that you never plan fe think about it... say twenty years later. I just do a work and just go through."
- Augustus Pablo
Excerpt from sleeve notes by Harry Wise.
A deeply religious man Pablo continued to follow the straight and narrow way through the eighties, a particularly testing time for conscious music, and on to the 'Rasta Renaissance' and the resurgence of roots music at the start of the following decade. But Pablo's music had no need to be reborn because, for him, the tenets and faith of roots, rock reality had never, ever gone away. His creations were not made for the here and now and always transcended the various vagaries and vogues in reggae.
By the time the first 'Presents Rockers International' album was released in 1980 his worldwide renown was assured. The Jamaican release, with the Rockers label subtitled 'Rastafari Cultural Sounds', showcased artists Pablo was currently working with and was a bold statement of where he stood in relation to the advent of the dance hall style. The UK release on Greensleeves Records came with a slightly different selection and the addition of four cuts to 'El Rocker's' from the early seventies. The second volume, dating from 1982, featured a variety of versions of classic Rockers rhythms dating from the seventies. Put together here for the first time they serve to illustrate the timeless nature of his music and remain apposite introductions to Augustus Pablo's musical vision.
He never ceased to create spiritually inspired music, guided by his unwavering Rastafarian faith, in defiance of much of the ephemeral that came and went, came and went... and eventually went.
Augustus Pablo died in Kingston on 18th May 1999. ... His music will go on for evermore.
"Give thanks for I & I Father Haile Selassie I for the inspiration for all melodies, which I & I play for His children all over His creation. Selah" Augustus Pablo
Absolutely CRUCIAL release !
7Stars !

PS: Vinyl to be released as individual albums on November 13, 2015.

01. Jah Iny – El Rockers Chapter One
02. Augustus Pablo – El Rockers Chapter Three
03. Delroy Williams – Three Men In A Truck Back
04. Jah Bull – Free Jah Jah Children
05. Augustus Pablo – Cool Melody
06. Earl Sixteen Daley – The Rastaman
07. Rockers All Stars – Peaceful Man Dub
08. Norris Reid – Protect Them
09. Te-Track – Give A Little Bit
10. Augustus Pablo – Destiny
11. Sister Jam – The People Of This World
12. Augustus Pablo – El Rockers Chapter Two
13. Rockers All Stars – El Rockers Chapter Four
01. Junior Delgado – Away With You Fussing And Fighting
02. Jah Levi – Selassie I Veranda
03. Augustus Pablo – King David’s Melody
04. Pablo All Stars – Solomon Dub
05. Jacob Miller – False Rasta
06. Augustus Pablo – 555 Crown Street
07. Pablo All Stars – 1 Rutland Close
08. Norris Reid – Black Force
09. Augustus Pablo – Cassava Piece
10. Rockers All Stars – Straight A Yard
11. Jacob Miller – Each One Teach One
12. Jah Levi – Zion A Fe Lion
13. Rockers All Stars – Zimbian Style
14. Earl Sixteen Daley – Changing World
15. Rockers All Stars – Changing World Version